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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:47

Greek pianist and composer:\"I just love to Turkey's Traditional Music \"

Greek pianist and composer:\
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The world's most important film and theater music of pianist composer Eleni Karaindrou , \"Turkish Greek Symphonic Journey\"concert in Eskisehir came to give the \"Intercultural Dialogue Poetry image\"participated as a speaker in the interview .

Eskişehir news: Photo Anadolu University, Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM) Chamber Theatre Karaindrou speaking in an interview held at the Hall , that loves Turkey , Turkey said he almost fainted with traditional music . \"Really charming , intoxicating you have any music ,\"said Karaindrou , \"I love Turkey. The first time I was in Istanbul in Turkey. I was a jury member at a film festival . Then I came to a concert and joining'm also still a film festival latest concert . Istanbul Symphony Orchestra was and I helped make films music afterwards the same producer, it also will present tomorrow . I mean that when you say I love your country:I love your traditional music. really fascinating , you have a music intoxicating . There are many beautiful cinemas in Turkey There are many quality director, \"he said .
\" TURKS LOOK at I SEE INNOCENT LOOK for my OWN VILLAGERS \"Photo Turkey face and eyes of the people voicing loved ones Karaindrou , \"at the same time I also love the faces . I love the faces and eyes of this country. I was very impressed when I look at Konserdeyk the audience and come up to me after the concert I looked into the eyes of those who want to hold your hand and my husband ,'I see the innocent gaze of my own villagers in view of these people ,'I said . I was born in a mountain village. I worked for 7 years without my shoes , there was no electricity . In poverty were in the middle of the war and German music was playing in this environment. Thus the tragedy had and will always be , but the process will be resolved from the other direction . I think art is a method of relieving the soul. I was very pleased to meet with Theo Angelopoulos . Theo Angelopoulos I've known for many years , its existence has taught me to figure out how in me a lot of hidden things to take my own soul , \"he said .
\" I CHOOSE MUSIC FOR IS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE \"Photo Music by Eleni Karaindrou step describing the shot, he continued:Photo \"why I chose music ? Because music does not require translation , an international language . Therefore I am very happy , I am very happy . My slice of music but I can not tell you that. Poetry poems were really impressed me a lot and gave me the inspiration to make music composition . I took my inspiration from the poem . I began composing music since I was 13-14 years old. I started with poetry before . We have a common point, all the poets were translated in a way , but my relationship with my Theo Angelopoulos , not just cinema. Angelopoulos was a poet , and I share his vision. Poetic vision was the same with me. I worked with him for 28 years . He was the director of the theater I worked in Greece in 1982 and the jury. I was doing the music there is another young director, he gave me the first prize and felt something there. Found something special that coincides with their vision . All these years I've already made ​​8 film music . The latter also has Tozu'y time . Therefore Angelopoulos was a poet . Angelopoulos is also a soundtrack feel to me asked me to compose glorified life . That period was very difficult to do the soundtrack for me. I did not do so any time you get the soundtrack . I always concentrate on composing my ideas . After working for 4 hours, it was very impressed. Very nice and charming way she tells her story. I also took over the piano when he was home in the evening and wake up. Everything I wrote then. I wrote everything before the end of the script and had a very poignant point. There was a tape in my hand , I gave him. Took the tape and call me immediately , wait a little while ago , listen ,'I said . My afternoon called and'OK, this is exactly what I want , \"he said . \"Photo \"MY FATHER ,'< strong> DEAD you from MUSICIAN IF poverty SAID \"Photo University during his father's will get a professional will save money from him Karaindrou stated that the faculty recommended reading , \"I love the students , I was in college. I studied history and archeology . My father was a math professor ,'You must enter the faculty to acquire a vocation to save money. If you die from poverty Musicians'he said. I am a music bestecisiy me , but also wrote many rave reviews worldwide , movie composer methets are also very good so I'm just a composer . I finished college , I graduated from the Conservatory as a pianist , but all my life I was doing improv . I was late to my piano immediately after and I read a poem , I began to create my compositions. The starting point was the first poem , then came the dictatorship in Greece, was an unfortunate period. Until 1974 he continued dictatorship then I continued my studies in Paris . I continued my music studies at the conservatory in Paris, but never, never learning how to do something about the music of the film . Angelopoulos why did not believe me when I received such an award prizes. You can do what you want. You can if you want passionately. If you want to make music , you must know the music of the language. After that it is easy , \"he said . Photo Karaindrou , tomorrow at 20.00 in the chef will share the stage with the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Symphony Orchestra Ender Sakpınar . Ataturk Cultural Arts and will be held at the Congress Centre \"Turkish Greek Symphonic Journey \"is the concert , \"Eternity and a Day \", \"the Weeping Meadow \"by Theo Angelopoulos composed music for films like winning the hearts of music lovers with Eleni Karaindrou , Eskişehir take the stage for art lovers.

Greek pianist and composer:\"I just love to Turkey's Traditional Music \"" comments for.


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